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Repartir(se) – A Versatile Verb

1. repartir- to deliver (to the home)


Su trabajo se trata de repartir las pizzas. – Her job deals with delivering pizzas.

2. repartir- to share out, divide, divide up


El gobierno reparte sus poderes para que no tenga demasiada autoridad. — The government divides up its powers so it doesn’t have too much authority.

3. repartirse- to spread out (amongst an area).


Las tropas se repartirán para rodear el enemigo que capturó la fortaleza. — The troops will spread out to surround the enemy who captures the stronghold.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was doing some reading for my spanish class, and i came across a sentence that I just can't figure out: "Y Montezuma, como lo supo, envio a decir que fuésemos mucho en buena hora, y por otra parte temio no le fuésemos a hacer algun deshonor a sus idolos, y acordo ir él en persona con muchos de sus principales." Its from the "Historia Verdadera de la conquista de la nueva espana" It would be really great if you could help, thanks!

I’m sorry if this is not entirely correct. I’ve never studied Spanish literature. I believe I got the translation you are looking for but maybe somebody who has studied Hispanic literature could verify?

"And Montezuma, as he found out, he sent out saying that we were much in perfect timing. And moreover, he feared. We were not to do unto him any dishonor to his idols. He agreed to go in person with many of his chief officers."

jmdvbgs asked:

Entiendes el español de Venezuela? Like Te gusta? Lo conoces?

Sí claro. No me cuesta mucho entender el de Venezuela. Para mí es fácil entender todos los acentos cuando se acostumbre a ellos. Una cosa que ‘rara’ es que he notado que unos omiten vocales como “s”. Pero unos amigos míos de países latinoamericana me habían dicho que es una cosa que se hace en las partes rurales de Latinoamérica. Pero sobretodo, sí me gusta.

Drinking Vocabulary

Aquí les dejo con vocabulario útil al tomar alcohol.

Tipos de Alcohol

La cerveza - the beer

El ron - the rum

El aguardiente/guaro - liquor/moonshine

El licor - the liquor

El vino - the wine

El vino tinto - the red wine

El vino blanco - the white wine

El whisky - the whiskey

La ginebra - the gin

El agua tónica - the tonic

Otras Palabras Esenciales

El bar - the bar

La cuenta - the tab

El pasante - the chaser

¿Con qué se pasa el ron? - What do chase the rum with?

El camarero - the bartender

Dejar una propina - to leave a tip

El taburete - the bar stool

El vaso/vasito - the shotglass

Emborracharse - to get drunk

Estar borracho - to be drunk

Estar prendo/entonado - to be tipsy

Invitar a la primera copa - to but the first round

recovery-and-idontknow asked:

Hello there! I made a blog that is focused on learning English grammar and such. I don't know how to get the word out there to anyone, so I figured I'd ask some language-y blogs to "help". Anyway, the name of the blog is theenglish-language. I hope I'm not bothering you, but thank you! :)


Yeah, sure, no problem! Good luck, so many teaching resources are just clearly awful, it’s good that you’re doing something about it!!

Right now I have to read a book for “teaching and learning english” class, basically it’s a really thick book where the author(ess) is taking 20 pages to write what i would say (and have said on this blog actually) in like 1-2 paragraphs… reaaaally simple stuff like “different students have different goals for english” and “students may remember a new word, but not the grammatical form you were trying to teach, because in their mind that’s not so important” and even “children don’t learn by getting repeated wrong wrong wrong!! thrown at them”

 : l yeah, as if i haven’t stepped foot in a classroom for 20 years, have never learnt another language, have never known any foreigners with bad english, have never thought for two seconds about how there’s a difference in formal and casual language, etc etc. what a pointless book… !!

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